“We help the business owner to change the Energy Sources More Better and More Cheaper “

Solar energy can benefit any business operation. With high sun irraddiance, Malaysia is one of the best places in the world for solar energy. With the cost of conducting business on the rise constantly, business owners are looking for method to boost efficiency and reducing operating expenses. Investment in solar energy definitely benefits your business in the long run by offsetting your energy by with income from solar electricity production.

The government Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) incentives programme gives you an opportunity to sell your solar generated electricity back to the utility grid at a premium rate. Under the FiT programme, you will be paid a guaranteed price for all the electricity you produce at your home for 21 years.

As solar energy investment is a government promoted activity, corporate solar investment could qualify for lucrative tax benefits only available to commercial customer. With payback duration of less than 5 years, investing in solar energy makes serious financial sense.